What is Massage?

Massage is the therapeutic application of touch using a range of movements or strokes upon the skin, muscles and joints. It is an ancient discipline with many technical variations based on different philosophies and practices originating from both western and eastern cultures. It has significant benefits for all of the body's essential systems, it maintains our general health, fitness, flexibility, complements traditional medicine in the treatment of specific conditions and symptoms, and remediates against future injuries. Massage may also relax or stimulate the nervous system, reducing stress hormones or preparing the body for exercise.

Calvin Finn is qualified to practice a range of massage styles, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Remedial, Thai Yoga and Lymphatic Drainage. He also has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the body and its systems, and is able to tailor your massage in order to meet your individual needs.

What to expect in a Treatment

All massage treatments are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. A brief consultation is, therefore, essential to better understand those needs, the symptoms and conditions presented and the client's preferences. All personal information is treated in confidence.

The duration and frequency of treatments is very much the personal choice of each client. For those presenting specific symptoms or conditions the preparation of a treatment plan in discussion with the therapist is often helpful. Many clients discover that the treatments are so beneficial that they return on a weekly or monthly basis for general maintenance.  

Massage is typically performed upon either a specially designed massage couch or a massage floor mat. For clients with reduced mobility, the massage treatment can be easily tailored to suit their needs.  The therapist uses special oils to nourish the skin and improve the flow of massage movements. Where possible, the oils used are organic. For best results, the oils should remain in contact with the skin after the massage session (removing any excess as necessary). Thai Yoga Massage, which is performed through light clothing, and Lymphatic Massage, does not use oil.

Following the massage session, the client and therapist will review the treatment and its effects, and discuss the client's future needs. The therapist will also offer post massage care advice.

The Benefits

There are many therapeutic benefits to massage.  For example, it can help to:

• Calm, sooth and relax the body, releasing tension from muscles
• Stimulate muscle tissue and improve nerve action, ready to better accept stress
• Improve and strengthen the body’s circulation
• Remove toxins and waste
• Improve skin and muscle tone
• De-congest sinuses, nerve pathways and respiratory systems
• Improve digestive function
• Strengthen bone and movement of joints
• Accelerate healing
• Clarify and harmonise the mind and spirit


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